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Columbia County - Deputy Cody Pesio
email; cody.pesio@co.columbia.or.us
Non Emergency Crime Reporting
Oregon State Police 
Northern Dispatch

Clatsop County - Deputy Matt Armstrong
email: marmstrong@co.clatsop.or.us
Nehalem Valley Sub Station
79532 Hwy. 202  Jewell
Non Emergency Crime Reporting 503-325-8625
Columbia County Dog Control - Deputy Roger Kadell
email: animal.control@co.columbia.or.us
(Due to budget cuts, the Animal Control Office is no longer able to respond to animal complaints other than those involving dogs.)  

Meet Your  Neighborhood Watch Administrators

Dan and Wendy MacDougall 



Please send donations to:
MBNeighborhood Watch
C/O Caroline Cook
65820 Nehalem Hwy North
Vernonia Oregon 97064

Make checks payable to:
MBNeighborhood Watch

Caroline Cook 

Emergency Ham Radio Operator
All of the Neighborhood Watch administrators are long time residents of the area and are dedicated to the development and running of the program for the benefit of the community we love.  We were not elected or appointed to our position but are volunteering our time and effort to a cause we feel is greatly needed by ourselves and our neighbors.

And we do not take our positions lightly.  Every time someone contacts us with information, questions or comments, it is reviewed by all of the administrators of the program and collectively we determine our response and the content of any alerts.  We are mindful to avoid gossip and speculation and do our best to confirm facts including consulting with law authorities if we find it necessary.  The Sheriff's Office has been very supportive and cooperative in these efforts.

We have long seen the need for our community to band together and to be extra vigilant in its' efforts to protect ourselves from crime.  We strongly believe that communication and awareness through that communication is the best means we have of achieving that goal.  This is what has motivated us to spend numerous hours developing the program and going door to door to get the word out that the system is available and its working.  We only ask that the community remember we are volunteers providing a communication network and we hold no authority over any criminal  or criminal activity in our community.
Contact Neighborhood
 Watch here
Investigations involving the neglect or abuse of animals other then dogs are being referred to the OREGON HUMANE SOCIETY  
Oregon Humane is located at 
1067 Columbia Blvd Portland Oregon 97221 
or by phone at (503) 285-7722 ext 214

Columbia  Humane Society
2084 Oregon Street, St. Helens
email;   info@columbiahumane.org

Vernonia Police Department - Chief Michael Conner
​email; chief@vernonia-or.gov
Office 503-429-7335
Dispatch 1-800-696-7795
ODOT Oregon Department of Transportation
Ask ODOT general information  1-888-275-6368

To report a dangerous road hazard or other road emergency please call ODOT dispatch at 503-362-0457
Notify us as well.  We will send out alerts regarding road conditions within our NW District.
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