Welcome to Mist - Birkenfeld Neighborhood Watch
With limited law enforcement available it has become even  more important that we as a community band together to prevent crime where we live.  The Mist Birkenfeld Neighborhood Watch has been created as a means for us to help ourselves and our neighbors stop crime and catch the criminals that threaten our peaceful way of life.  This website is the central hub for learning of and reporting crime, 
suspicious activity and your community concerns.
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Mist - Birkenfeld Neighborhood Watch
The Mist Birkenfeld Neighborhood Watch is funded by donations from local organizations and community members like you.  If you wish to donate financially to our Neighborhood Watch Program currently we have two methods for doing so:

Make checks payable to:
MB Neighborhood Watch  
and mail to:
MB Neighborhood Watch                                           
c/o Caroline Cook                                                                                       
65820 Nehalem Hwy North 
Vernonia Oregon 97064                                

​                                                             Mist Birkenfeld Neighborhood Watch is a non profit organization
Our Neighborhood Watch District
On Nehalem Hwy from the  Scapoose/Vernonia junction West continuing on Hwy 202 to mile post 33
North on Apiary to Camp Wilkerson
North on Hwy 47 to Conyers Rd.
All roads cutting off from these main Highways
Including Fishhawk Lake
Here's How It Works
Through the email alert system we will notify each individual who is signed up of any suspicious activity, crimes or concerns that have been reported to us that pertain to the safety of our community. All identities and email addresses are kept confidential.

And it's a two way street. If you experience a crime, have information associated to a crime or a concern that involves the safety of our community, email the information to us at


and we will forward pertinent information to the community through the alert system.

​For legal reasons we will not mention names of suspects. Some information may be researched before it is sent out to the community and the content of any alerts will be decided upon by the neighborhood watch administrators.  We encourage anyone who is the victim of a crime to file a crime report with local law authorities.

Sign Up To The 
'Email Alert System'
Through Paypal

Send money to 'family and friends'
at mbonwatch@gmail.com
Interested in a program like this for your area?
Use the 'Contact Us' form above for more information on starting  a program for your community based on our concept.